Village Life

Village life is pristine, ancient. Some of the tribal people use indigenous languages. Most buildings are cement with curved tile roofs, surrounded by plots of land, some gardens, goats and cows, and a few pigs and chickens roaming freely. Often in the morning sounds the hum of a machine, pulled by 2 cows, that separates rice from the grass. Often cow dung is formed into patties and stuck onto the walls to dry and be used for fuel.

Many of the children attend AM schools, and when asked, ‘How are you?’, always respond ‘I am fine, thank you’, some bright and direct, some shy, turning their faces, some running away into the house, and many giggling at being approached by a westerner.

Life is a very physical struggle for survival, and throughout the day, visible scattered over the dusty paths winding up and down over the hills, are women carrying bags of leaves, fuel, etc., as big as their bodies on top of their heads. Most bathe at the rivers, ponds or lakes around midday. Quite a few in the villages, and also the near town Pundag, practice meditation. Several Sunday Dharmacakras take place locally.


Dimdiha Dam has just been built in Ananda Nagar. Here is a video that has been posted on Facebook: