Ananda Nagar Is the Beacon Light for the Universe

20 October 1979, Anandanagar

We have come again to Anandanagar after a long time. Anandanagar is the nucleus of this universe. It is not merely the physical Anandanagar, it is also the Anandanagar of our inner heart. We will have to build it in all possible ways, we will have to take all steps for its rapid development so that it can show light to the entire universe.

But why should this be done so rapidly? Because human beings do not live by material objects alone; they also have their práńa dharma (their vital inner essence). Even if they are provided with all their material needs – their food, clothes, and all necessary requirements, they will die an inglorious death if they are detached from their práńa dharma. Anandanagar will provide that ancient eternal vital force. Thus it must be developed in all respects. This brooks no delay: to delay means to impair the cultural progress of the entire human society. We will not allow this to happen. Thus we must build Anandanagar in all ways.

Anandanagar has a unique glory, and that glory has developed out of the great sacrifice of many noble souls. Let Ananda nagar provide guidance to the entire universe in spiritual practice, service, sacrifice, renunciation, and culture. This is what we should pray for, and this is the reason that we should build Anandanagar and help it radiate light to the universal humanity. This is what I want.

After a long, long time, we have assembled here together again. What can be more joyful than this? When I entered Anandanagar, I was overwhelmed with joy. When I was looking at you, I could hardly restrain myself – I felt so happy, and I think that you, too, felt the same, because we have been able to again come and sit together here. What can be more delightful than this?

Each of the objects in the world has a vehicle, a medium. Let Anandanagar be the medium of our cultural progress; let us try to build Anandanagar and its adjoining villages in all respects – economically, socially and culturally. Any work which is difficult for one person to accomplish is not difficult for many people to perform. A bundle of sticks is a burden if one person carries it, but if it is divided amongst many, it becomes only a light load. Similarly if we all work together unitedly, it will not be difficult to establish Anandanagar as an ideal cultural and spiritual centre. Let us dedicate ourselves to this noble task from this very moment.

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

20 October 1979, Anandanagar

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